Intellectual Property Training

Latin America is one of the world’s leading region for internet growth with broadband adding new users for the next 5 to 10 years in a 20% or more year-growth. This will bring massive volume of new users to well established e-commerce networks.

With this phenomenon taking place physical, it is more than likely that all forms of internet piracy will increase. Law enforcement authorities and private corporations throughout the region will need to increase anti-piracy enforcement. However, despite these developments and due to the diversity of IP issues, many police forces and companies still haven’t had a solid initiation or training in this area to support enforcement activities.

IP Enforcement Training is key to dealing with these issues. The knowledgeable staff at SMG can train anti-piracy personnel on actions that need to be taken to combat all levels of piracy as well as provide a broad perspective on all levels of the issue including the damages it inflicts on a particular territory, industry and company. In addition, SMG can provide general statistics on losses, organized crime ties and the modus operandi on how illegal products generally enter a country and tbe distribution network.