Our People

SMG Consulting Services provides individuals and companies with asset search and investigations in Latin America. We work to identify pending risks or resolve a current situation such as crimes, trade regulations, civil disputes, sudden crises and more. Each member of SMG Consulting Services brings decades of experience to every case, addressing each one with local legal expertise. No matter what country you are doing business in, we have a professional on staff that can help.

Our team represents a diverse array of positions, organizations, fields and countries, and allows us to craft a customized plan to each client and situation. By working with international trade organizations, government defense groups, intellectual property regulators, high-profile businesses, police forces, attorney’s offices and other groups, we have a direct line to nearly any commercial dispute in Latin America.

A commercial dispute in an unfamiliar country can wreak havoc on any enterprise. That is why it is crucial to have domestic knowledge. Learn more about our team of experts in any country you are doing business in. For more information on risk management, government regulations, asset search and investigations in Latin America, contact us today.


Emilio Garcia– President of SMG/ USA

Thomas Valdes-Food & Beverage Consultant / USA

Raul Vazquez– IPR Adviser / Consultant

Clive Tricker – Global Marketing Director

John Maschi – Associate Global Marketing Director

Alejandro Camino – Argentina

Monica Rivero Vega– Country manager – Bolivia

Clovis Moreira– Country manager Brazil

Herles Ariza Becerra– Country manager – Colombia

Roger Hernandez – Costa Rica

Yuri Miguel Villalona – Dominican Republic

Esteban Argudo – Ecuador

Ricardo Escamilla – Mexico

Oscar Brelles Marino – Paraguay

Jose Luis Gil Becerra – Peru

Yulena Sanchez Hoet – Venezuela

Gilbert Crisphonte – Haiti