Raul Vazquez

Raul VazquezRaul has been leading commercial and institutional organizations for most of his professional carreer. For the past 10 years he headed the Latin division of the multinationational trade group, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), representing recorded music companies as Universal, Sony Music, EMI and Warner Music. In 2010 the region represented over $ 400 million in billings for the music industry.

Raul was actively involved in passing major pieces of legislation in Latin America that included:

  • Increasing years of copyright protection for music performers and producers in Argentina.
  • Pursuing intellectual property piracy as a matter of public policy in Mexico.
  • Exempting recorded music products from sales tax in Uruguay.
  • Ratifying WIPO Performers and Producers’s Treaty (WPPT) in over 10 countries.
  • Strengthening criminal penalties for copyright piracy in Colombia.

While at IFPI Raul also led the effort to establish 14 new collective management organizations to generate revenues on the public use of music. This effort represent an additional source of revenue for performers and record compnies in the region, which in 2010 reached over $140 million.

In the corporate ranks, Raul led music entertainment companies as CEO of Sony Music Mexico and General Manager of Sony Music Brazil, each company generating revenues in the $100 million range. He also co-founded a music website with representation in Latin America and the United States.