Roger Hernandez – Costa Rica

rogerRoger assumes the position of Country Manager Costa Rica as of  January 2012. Roger brings to SMG a  diversified investigative and security background  with more then 20 year experience throughout Latin America. Roger started his professional career as a law-enforcement professional in San Jose, Costa Rica. Several years later Roger decided to pursue the private sector and held the following positions over the years.

  •  Anti-Piracy Director for the Music Industry – Peru
  •  Anti-Piracy Director for the Music Industry – Mexico
  •  Regional Director- Commercial / Sony Music – Costa Rica
  •  Director of Public Performance-  IFPI / Latin America
  •  President of  Seguridad Millenium S/A – Costa Rica

One of his most recent accomplishments was the dismantling this past December of a Chinese ring involved in the illegal smuggling and distribution of a variety of trademarked baby products for a major international company. Roger is a Regional anti-smuggling / anti-piracy expert and has lectured frequently to local Customs and enforcement officials on the latest smuggling trends in the region.

Roger is based in San Jose, Costa Rica.