Trademark Investigations

Expanding your business means sharing your superior products and outstanding service with new areas in the world. As your business expands into Latin America, the symbols attached to it become more renowned and valuable to more markets, making them more susceptible to trademark infringement. While your products and services are meant to be shared, that does not mean your exclusive image rights should be. SMG Consulting Services helps you keep your images and company goodwill attached to your products where they belong.

Investigating and stopping trademark infringement in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and other Latin American countries imposes different rules and regulations than trademark investigations in North America. Our consultants combine their unique, inside knowledge of trade law, marketing practices and business law in Latin America to give you a complete investigation and make a strong case for reparations.

Maintain the value of your business logo, slogans, name and other symbols. For trademark investigations services in Latin America, call SMG Consulting Services today.