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“Your One Stop Risk Management and Government Affairs Solution”

Fraud Investigators in Latin AmericaAt SMG Consulting Services, we work diligently to provide a solid foundation for commercial expansion into Latin America.

Business Litigation Support Abroad

Our team of experts provides proactive services to protect your assets, secure your position in your new market and maintain your business after a successful launch.

International Government Affairs Support

All of our consultants have more than a decade of experience working with companies new to the Latin American market, in addition to the resources and knowledge needed to provide you with the high-quality service you deserve.

International Risk Management Firm

If outside parties, governments or internal disruption threatens your enterprise, we can provide a host of reactive measures to get your business safely back on track.

Your One-Stop Risk Management and Government Affairs Solution


Opening, expanding or relocating your business into a foreign country can create unprecedented access to new markets and offer the promise of incredible growth potential. Unfortunately, foreign countries can also come with a variety of unfamiliar risks. That’s where SMG Consulting Services comes in. Our team of experts delivers years of experience working with businesses like yours that are making the transition into a new territory. We know the process, regulations and rules, which means that we can help ensure your business builds a solid foundation, free of risk and potential threats, for commercial expansion into Latin America.


For more than eight years, our team of experts has provided businesses like yours with proactive services to protect your assets, secure your position, and maintain your business after a successful launch in Mexico or Latin American countries. Working with unfamiliar government rules, laws and regulations – not to mention different social and cultural standards in these foreign countries – can create a field of potential hazards that may threaten to derail your foreign expansion or growth plans. What sets SMG Consulting Services apart is that we employ locally based experts in each country, each of whom is fully equipped to guide you in avoiding corruption, dealing with bureaucratic issues, and providing litigation support in Latin American nations and Mexico.


We vet each of our consultants, verifying that everyone we work with has more than a decade of experience so that they can provide a solid and reliable strategy to navigate risk and handle unforeseen obstacles on the ground. Our international team is made up of former law enforcement and intelligence professionals, legal experts, fraud investigators and commercial advisers, all of whom are highly qualified and have resources and knowledge needed to provide you with proactive services to ensure that your investments are secure and to help maintain and grow your business from day one.


Risk Management – Prevention and Prosecution


Our risk assessment practice begins with a comprehensive review of your business that identifies any current or potential threats your enterprise may face in the future. Identifying risks yourself, in a region where you are unfamiliar with local customs and traditions – as well as unfamiliar government bureaucracy and unspoken rules of corruption – can be extremely difficult, time-consuming and perilous if not approached correctly. An investment in securing the assistance of trained, local and experienced consultants can help you avoid costly and potentially devastating pitfalls as you move or grow your business into new territories.


Threats to your organization can come from a variety of sources, many of which can be completely unforeseen. Civil organizations, competitors, criminal groups and even internal staff can be the source of a host of unwelcome surprises that could derail your expansion plans. That’s why you need informed, local consultants who conduct due diligence at all levels to protect your business. Offering litigation support, fraud investigations and operational risk management in Latin America, our consultants perform important steps in the growth process, like background checks and credit checks on potential employees, as well as researching business partners. These vital measures can go a long way toward maintaining your internal security.


Going even further, our team will look into areas like criminal history, fiscal misconduct, bad debts and other potential red flags to help verify that your internal team – as well as the wider business community in the host nation – is upfront, honest and easy to work with. From planning through moving, shipping and selling, there are many aspects of growth or expansion that can seem impossible to monitor in some Latin American nations, and even more difficult to navigate if you’re not familiar with the proper legal steps and necessary preparations – not to mention language barriers that can stand in the way of open dialogue on your issues. Are you prepared to handle all of this extra effort yourself? Are you equipped to conduct the necessary research and risk mitigation studies in a country whose customs and unspoken agreements – and perhaps even native language – may not be familiar to you?


Built on Experience and Success in Litigation Support and Fraud Investigation in Latin America


Through the strength of our combined experience in law enforcement, government regulation, business administration and legal representation, we address every possible threat that your expanding business may face and provide you with a realistic, actionable strategy for identifying, reducing or eliminating risks. SMG Consulting Services streamlines risk assessment in Latin America, offering litigation support with experienced consultants who will work to address your specific business needs in your country of choice.

Our dedicated consultants will provide you with solutions to a vast range of current and potential issues, as well as give you the tools and information you will need to tackle any issues head on in the future. It is our routine practice to use legal services that give employers quick and accurate histories and records, making sure that your documents, plans and developments remain confidential and that your business transactions are genuine. We also help you reach a successful resolution to whatever issue you may face, whether you are seeking a realistic expansion outlook or simply an investigation into current situations in Latin America. If outside parties, governments or internal disruption threatens your enterprise, we can provide a host of reactive measures to get your business safely back on track. You can count on receiving reliable, usable information and vital support for your multinational enterprise.

We invite you to browse our site and learn more about what SMG Consulting Services can do for you or your business. If you are seeking a strategy towards expansion or assistance as you grow or move your business into Latin America or Mexico, our dedicated team is always available when you need them most. For all your business expansion needs in Latin America from litigation support and operational risk assessment, to background investigation and preliminary planning, contact SMG Consulting Services today by calling 305-319-0482.

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