Tips for Preventing Fraud in Your Business

Fraud is one of the many things business owners need to worry about when launching a company, especially if that company is located in a foreign country. You will need to put in safeguards to prevent fraud from becoming problematic for you. Take a look at some tips for preventing fraud within your business below…. Read more »

Why Trademarks Are an Important Component of Your Business

Have you trademarked your business name, business logo, and all of the other intellectual properties tied to your business? If not, you are making a big mistake and leaving your business very vulnerable. Without a trademark, anyone can come along and use your name, logo, and properties without your permission, and there isn’t a whole… Read more »

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property in Foreign Markets

The intellectual property that your business owns is incredibly important and must be protected at all costs. Intellectual property, also known as IP, includes everything from your company’s name and logo to the various inventions and trademarks, and without them, there’s a good chance your company wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. With… Read more »

The Importance of Businesses Doing Due Diligence in Latin America

In an ideal world, there would be no corruption or bribery in business matters. However, we live in an imperfect world, and for some places and some people, corruption and bribery are the norm. If you’re a business that’s wanting to do business in Latin America, then it’s important you do “due diligence” before you… Read more »

Deterring Money Laundering: How We Can Help Protect Your Business

When companies move their businesses into new markets, there are a lot of different concerns that they will have. Some will worry about marketing their services and products effectively to new potential customers, while others will worry about finding reliable help in a new pool of potential employees. While there are many risks that all… Read more »

Intellectual Property: How to Protect an Intangible Asset

Intellectual property is something that is very important and valuable to your company. From the business name that you use to the logo that you created when you first launched your company, your intellectual property consists of everything that makes your business what it is today. That means you need to do everything in your… Read more »

Strange Bedfellows: The Importance of Due Diligence in Business

Would you ever blindly enter a business relationship without doing your due diligence? Of course you wouldn’t! Although we would like to think that everyone is trustworthy and that all businesses are on the up and up, that simply is not the case. Just like with your personal relationships, when it comes to any business… Read more »

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