How to Assess Business Risk in a Foreign Country

You don’t really know a place until you spend a significant amount of time there, seeing different people and places and getting a true feel for “what it’s like.” That said, if you’re running a business and looking for new customers, it might behoove you to sell what you’re selling to customers in different countries,… Read more »

Why Hiring a Latin American Risk Management Company is a Smart Decision

Doing business can present many challenges. In today’s global economy, there are plenty of opportunities, just as there are risks, so it makes sense to hire a risk consultant company. How will you know about competition, natural market factors, litigation matters, material sourcing, data security and other topics? Hiring a risk consultant company can offer… Read more »

Expanding to Latin American Markets Brings Heavy Risks and Rewards

If you’re looking for new markets to do business, consider Latin America. Now you might have heard some bad things about Latin America, with the idea that it’s too risky, but you have to remember with risks come rewards. What are some risks of doing business in Latin America? Corruption There is some corruption in… Read more »

Ignore These Falsehoods About Doing Business in Latin America

If you haven’t been to someone’s house, how much do you really know about them? If you haven’t been to a different country, how much do you really know about that place? If you’re like most people, you hear information from sources like radio, TV and other mediated forms of communication. And these sources can… Read more »

The Importance of Protecting Your Brand in Latin America

Do you have a brand and you’re expanding that brand into Latin American countries like Venezuela, Ecuador, Honduras or Argentina? When you do, you want to make sure you protect your trademark. You don’t want someone else copying your product/brand and trying to make money off of your hard work! Trademark enforcement in Latin America… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Anti-Money Laundering Services in Latin America?

You’ve probably heard of the term “money laundering.” It’s a crime. It involves taking proceeds from somewhere and disguising its origins to make it look like it’s from a legitimate source. What’s an example of this? If you watch the TV show “Young Sheldon,” the grandma is running an illegal gambling room behind a laundromat… Read more »

Reasons to Have an Undercover Investigation at Your Business

What are some reasons to have an undercover investigation in your workplace? Fraud If you suspect someone is involved in some sort of business fraud at your workplace, that’s the sort of thing that warrants an undercover investigation. They might be involved in bribes, money laundering, setting up shell companies, etc. They could be misusing… Read more »

Case Study: How SMG Consulting Helps Businesses

SMG Consulting deals with certain cases and Gilead Sciences is one of them. SMG Consulting handles litigation support and fraud investigations, and Gilead Sciences was able to successfully prosecute Florida clinics who were exploiting its access program for HIV prevention drugs with the consultation help of SMG. Gilead Sciences ended up settling with healthcare clinic… Read more »

How Doing Due Diligence in Latin America Can Help Your Business

Latin America stretches from Mexico to the bottom of South America and encompasses many different countries and cultures, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, among others. As a whole, unfortunately, Latin America has a reputation for corruption and bribery when it comes to doing business. These things have been generational– it’s not… Read more »

Assess These Risks When Doing Business in Latin America

If you’re in business to make money, then you want to sell to customers who are interested in what you offer, right? And sometimes those customers are not local. They might be in another county, state or country. If you’re looking to expand your business, you’re apt to consider new markets, such as areas of… Read more »