Fraud Investigations

Many individuals and businesses entering new countries do not possess the background knowledge or awareness to recognize local fraudulent activities.  Victims of fraud often do not know how to utilize a foreign legal system to obtain compensation for damages, or bring the offending party to justice.  Our international team of Investigators and Attorney’s investigate fraudulent activity across South America, Central America and Mexico to defend your business in unfamiliar territory.

Corporate fraud can be expensive and dangerous to you, your staff and your customers.  Fraudulent activity can involve many things from corporate fraud, embezzling of company money to the stealing of clients and assets. It can also involve financial dealings such as stock options and other investments that were not fully disclosed, as well as other situations.  SMG Consulting’s experts provide the legal path and platform to reveal, punish and control fraud of all varieties in Latin American countries.

If material facts were hidden from you during important transactions or significant losses resulted from dishonest activity, contact SMG Consulting Services for more information on fraud investigation in Latin America.