Intellectual Property & Brand Protection Investigations

Intellectual property is often a business’s most valuable asset, including its reputation, image, licenses, creativity and much more. It is also an asset that differentiates businesses and allows top-quality, top-performance enterprises to continue to thrive. The laws that protect intellectual property differ across the world and moving your IP into new territories can put it at risk. SMG Consulting Services provides seamless brand protection to your IP and investigative services if your valuable intangibles have been abused.

Intellectual Property word cloudYour business name, logo and intangible products are built over years of hard work and dedication, and misuse of them means degrading your history and reputation. Intellectual property comprises your business identity and only you have the power to use it. Our team of legal and law enforcement consultants investigate intellectual property theft and misuse abroad to return your IP rights to you. We can also help with training your team on Intellectual Property Law.

We can provide the information and evidence to our clients for litigation support, to facilitate identification and seizure of counterfeit and gray market goods, or to support litigation.

Our IP Investigators can take care of:

  • Trademark investigations
  •  Domain name acquisition
  •  Trademark acquisition
  • Litigation support for anti-counterfeiting
  • Litigation support for anti-piracy cases

Protect your good name and your most valuable assets as your enterprise continues to grow internationally. Contact SMG Consulting Services today for Intellectual Property investigations in Latin America.