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Strategic Risk Management & Anti-Piracy Investigation in Latin America

Starting or expanding your business into a new country is an exciting endeavor. There’s ample opportunity to grow your revenue and increase your impact in the industry. But if you don’t fully understand the market you’re about to get into, your business could fail or even worse, you could end up in legal trouble.

If you’re looking to move your business into any Latin American market, SMG Consulting Services can help you pull it off successfully. We offer a wide range of services to help companies in all industries navigate the nuances of the country they’re expanding into and establish a strong, lucrative enterprise.

Risk Assessment, Government Affairs, Investigations & Intellectual Property Services for Businesses Expanding into Latin America

Finding business success in a foreign country is not easy. There are a lot of legal, cultural, political, and security protocols and subtleties you must understand not just to get started, but to thrive long term. Every consultant at SMG Consulting Services is an expert in all these fields for the Latin American business market.

We will provide the information and guidance you need to make the right decisions for your future and protect your assets. Our services encompass everything you need to join the Latin American market seamlessly, including:

  • Risk Assessment—Being aware of potential local risks and threats to your business in your desired area will help you make smarter decisions as you set up and anticipate issues before they happen. Our team can conduct in-depth risk assessment, offer solutions, and help you implement them.
  • Government Affairs—Establishing your business according to local legislation, rules, and regulations takes a lot of specific knowledge. Our government affairs consultants are highly familiar with commercial requirements in Latin American countries and will help ensure your operation is safe and legal.
  • Investigations—Nobody likes to think their employees, partners, or loved ones would do anything to harm their livelihood, but unfortunately it does happen. If you suspect someone involved in your Latin American business market is violating your trust, our private investigators can help you get to the bottom of it.
  • Intellectual Property Consulting & Training—In a time when all kinds of information can be accessed in the palm of your hand, protecting your intellectual property is crucial. As you move your business into Latin America, we can help you keep your intellectual assets secure and protected from theft, as well as provide anti-piracy training to your team.

To learn more about how SMG Consulting Services can help your business expand into Latin America and succeed, get in touch with us today!