Anti-Money Laundering Services

SMG Consulting Services helps you expand your enterprise into Latin America easily and safely with proactive measures to forecast and prevent financial risk. For seven years, our local experts have used in-depth expertise in law, law enforcement and international business to keep your assets and employees safe. Our anti-money laundering program and financial protection services in Latin America allow you to avoid situations that could damage your company’s reputation or result in legal repercussions.

Criminal enterprises rely on money laundering to fund and stabilize their activities. Many businesses may be an unwitting party to money laundering for organized criminal enterprises, while others may have a single compromised employee or a group of compromised employees. These activities will not only damage your reputation as an upstanding business, but also put your business at tremendous risk of legal consequences or retaliation by other criminal groups. Our experts evaluate your business and your customers, provide risk management and provide you with an organized strategy for analyzing and preventing money laundering in your company. We provide regulatory compliance and ensure your business is in accordance with anti-money laundering legislation such as the Bank Secrecy Act, USA PATRIOT Act and Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations.

Keep your business safe from organized crime and prevent money laundering in your business with local legal expertise. Contact SMG Consulting Services to learn more about our anti-money laundering program and services in Latin America.

Additionally, our professionals can support the compliance function by conducting an independent risk survey that identifies an institution’s regulatory risk.