Brand Protection

SMG Consulting Services and its team of international private investigators track brand piracy and keep your intellectual property under your control where it belongs. In short, SMG Consulting Services will protect your brand from competitors or usurpers. Without a reputable brand, businesses can fail due to a lack of trust. This poses a serious problem if you are doing business in other countries, as your brand defines your products or services and demonstrates to customers they can enjoy a quality, reliable experience. Faulty imitations will degrade the reputation of your business, and that is the bottom line.

Competitors stealing your brand name not only sell less desirable products, but also dilute your market for sale. This decreased value, harm to your reputation and unlawful brand display can be rectified and eliminated with proper investigation. With years of experience in the field, SMG Consulting Services understands all the ins and outs of brand piracy, and our team uses this experience to partner up with police task forces and government agencies to target brand theft and bring the perpetrators to justice.

A brand is a business’s lifeblood. If imitators have stolen your brand and are using it to steal your customers, they are polluting your name, but know that you can fight back! Contact SMG Consulting Services today for more information.