SMG Consulting Services conducts sensitive investigations for multinational companies and individuals across Latin America. These investigations range from FCPA, Fraud, Due Diligence, Employee Malfeasance and Brand Protection just to name a few.

IP Investigations: Our IP Investigators are experienced in many Intellectual property rights-related cases, for example, trademark investigations, domain name acquisition, trademark acquisition and the acquisition and preparation of evidence for use in anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy.

Fraud Investigations: When a company is a victim of fraud we will move quickly identify the extent of the loss, secure evidence, trace the stolen assets and identify the culprits.

Litigation support: If you are involved in criminal or civil litigation and need us to locate witnesses or fugitives, to trace and locate assets or record statements we can assist you. we offer these services globally, for example, we have been offering Litigation Support In Central America for many years.

Investigations (Undercover Operations): We can provide clients with trained professionals to conduct long-term, covert investigations from within the client’s organization.

Computer Forensic Investigations: The detection of today’s crime involves the acquisition and detailed analysis of electronic data to determine the individuals responsible for criminal or improper activity.