Strategic Risk Management

SMG Consulting Services likes to make sure our clients are prepared for just about any type of situation. We give you a protective platform to launch your international enterprise. We provide risk mitigation in Latin America to give you the best path for growth and reveal a full picture of dangers and opportunities in your industry. Our team uses first-hand experience and knowledge of the countries, cultures and communities you seek to reach, so you have a strong domestic ally in your new arena.

Our team combines governmental, legal and commercial expertise to refine your growth strategy and protect your assets. Foreign governments, competitors, criminal groups and even internal partners all pose threats to you and your intellectual capital, tangible assets and staff without the proper safeguards. Security and litigation experts specializing in your new territory help you target, eliminate and fight risks to your successful business.

Find out more about our full range of proactive, reactive and crisis management services in Latin America. To protect your assets, investigate possible threats or control current disputes, contact SMG Consulting Services today.


Intellectual Property Investigations: Before we start an Intellectual Property Investigation, we will speak with you about your objectives and the specific questions you might have. Our experience enables us to answer your questions before we start.

Fraud Investigations: When a company is a victim of fraud we will move to quickly identify the extent of the loss, secure evidence, trace the stolen assets and identify the culprits.

Brand Protection: Piracy is rampant in many Latin American countries, so protection of your brand is vital. We have extensive experience in this area.


Due Diligence: Every year employees are caught having embellished or fabricated qualifications and experience.

Asset Identification and Recovery: Recovering lost assets can often be an expensive, complex and time-consuming process, especially when dealing with multiple jurisdictions.

Anti-Money Laundering Services: We assist clients by helping them define the policies, standards, roles and responsibilities necessary to implement an effective Anti-Money Laundering program.

Crisis Management: Latin America offers the potential for massive economic growth but with this potential come risks of political instability, terrorism, social tensions, kidnapping and the possibility of natural disaster and fire.

Litigation support: If you are involved in criminal or civil litigation and need us to locate witnesses or fugitives, to trace and locate assets or record statements we can assist you. we offer these services globally, for example we have been offering Litigation Support In Central America for many years.

Investigations (Undercover Operations): We can provide clients with trained professionals to conduct long term, covert investigations from within the client’s organization.

Computer Forensic Investigations: The detection of today’s crime involves the acquisition and detailed analysis of electronic data to determine the individuals responsible for criminal or improper activity.