Reasons to Have an Undercover Investigation at Your Business

What are some reasons to have an undercover investigation in your workplace?


If you suspect someone is involved in some sort of business fraud at your workplace, that’s the sort of thing that warrants an undercover investigation. They might be involved in bribes, money laundering, setting up shell companies, etc. They could be misusing company checks or the company credit card. What if workers are misusing company assets? For instance, they could be using the company for their own personal “side hustle”/monetary gain. Or they could be sharing proprietary information with competitors. Fraud and theft are definitely worthy of investigation. If you’ve noticed something doesn’t seem quite right with “the books,” chances are someone is stealing from you.

Employee Misconduct

What about employee misconduct? What if someone at work is messing with the payroll in certain people’s favor? What if someone is harassing or bullying a subordinate? With drug-use being prevalent these days, what if certain employees are using your workplace to run a drug ring? Or they’re coming to work “high” and stoned out-of-their-mind?

Sharing Intellectual Property

Unfortunately, there are several good reasons a company might want to have a investigator check out what’s truly going on at work and elsewhere. Maybe a certain employee is getting paid but not actually doing their work– stealing time as it were… Or they’re sharing trade secrets with competitors while on-the-clock– yikes!

An Undercover Investigation Helps in Myriad Ways

Undercover investigations can accomplish several goals, including finding out if there’s fraudulent activity going on at a workplace. That said, investigators can also conduct things like executive background checks, asset searches/screenings, client background checks, and even third-party employee screenings.

When you have a hunch something’s not right, hire a private investigator to confirm that suspicion and get the much-needed details so you can do something about it.

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