Case Study: How SMG Consulting Helps Businesses

SMG Consulting deals with certain cases and Gilead Sciences is one of them. SMG Consulting handles litigation support and fraud investigations, and Gilead Sciences was able to successfully prosecute Florida clinics who were exploiting its access program for HIV prevention drugs with the consultation help of SMG.

Gilead Sciences ended up settling with healthcare clinic Well Care (and certain execs) for $33 million after filing a lawsuit against more than 50 healthcare clinics, prescribers, med labs and pharmacies in 2020.

What was the bad thing these clinics were doing? They’d recruit homeless or low-income people in Florida and ask them to get fraudulent preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) prescriptions through Gilead’s free-drug access program. Then those clinics pocketed reimbursement payments while taking the medicines back to repackage them and sell them on the black market!

SMG Consulting Helps With Fraud Cases

SMG Consulting deals with fraud often. In this case, Well Care was committing fraud in places like Jacksonville, Florida, and making money at Gilead’s expense. Patient safety was at risk and thousands of vulnerable people were essentially tricked into taking part in this fraudulent scheme.

Many businesses don’t have the background knowledge or awareness to recognize fraudulent activities. That’s why they hire SMG Consulting, which has an international team of investigators and attorneys to do such work, not only in the USA, but also Central America, Mexico and South America.

Corporate fraud, embezzled funds, stolen assets and other situations are all worth investigating– people (and businesses) should not be getting away with doing wrong. SMG Consulting’s experts provide the legal path and platform to reveal, punish and control fraud of all varieties.

With offices in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and Asuncion, Paraguay, SMG Consulting offers several services, including risk assessment, international bank searches and intellectual property consulting, among others. See the coverage map here.

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