Asset Identification and Recovery

When operating in other countries, such as those in Latin America, asset loss is a very real possibility. Without proper asset search and recovery, it is difficult to recoup any losses. SMG Consulting Services conducts full asset search and recovery in Latin American to resolve these losses and to make sure that all losses are recouped.

Asset loss can occur in a variety of ways, like faulty transportation over land or sea, theft, natural disasters, damage or destruction. Product shipments to customers or incoming shipments to you may be lost or stolen en route. Some causes are deliberate and can be tracked to a specific instance or group, while some losses are accidental. Finding the cause of lost assets is important for tax purposes, financial reporting and for preventative measures. If a cause is deliberate, for instance, it is crucial to conduct a thorough asset search and recovery, as there could be an individual or group out to undermine and ultimately destroy your business.

The experts at SMG Consulting Services will locate your assets and plan ahead to help reduce future expenses. Start protecting your equipment today and discover how you are losing valuable assets by contacting SMG Consulting Services.