Kidnap and Ransom

Businesses entering Latin America countries without local assistance or experience with local culture can easily become the victim of criminal activities. Extortion through kidnapping and ransom is one of the means organized criminal groups use to obtain money, usually targeting corporations or mid-sized businesses that are newly established in Latin America. SMG Consulting Services performs undercover investigations in Latin America to find and prevent kidnapping and ransom plots before they start.

With a direct line to your prospective country’s underground, you and your employees will stay a step ahead of criminal activities. Kidnapping and ransom has become more frequent in many Latin American countries, and it has become a serious risk in Columbia and other countries with significant organized crime cells. With professionals in law enforcement and intelligence agencies, litigators and detectives from your host country, you will be equipped with safety and protection measures to prevent extortion through kidnapping. SMG Consulting Services has provided international businesses with legal protection for seven years and our agents each bring a lifetime of experience to work for your company.

Use local expertise to make protect your assets and your staff. With appropriate protections and preventative measures in place, criminal organizations will target more vulnerable companies. Call today to learn more about undercover investigations in Latin America to prevent extortion.