Why Trademarks Are an Important Component of Your Business

Have you trademarked your business name, business logo, and all of the other intellectual properties tied to your business? If not, you are making a big mistake and leaving your business very vulnerable. Without a trademark, anyone can come along and use your name, logo, and properties without your permission, and there isn’t a whole lot you would be able to do about it. Here are some other reasons why you should trademark everything associated with your business.

Trademarks will make it easier for people to find your business.

If your business has the same exact name as someone else’s business because you didn’t trademark it, it’s going to make it harder for people to find your business and patronize it, whether in person or online. Additionally, if someone is running around using your logo or an idea you had first, they might be able to confuse your customer base and steal business from you. By trademarking everything associated with your business, you will make it unique from all other businesses.

Trademarks will show you are serious about your business.

If you don’t have a trademark attached to your business name or logo, you are going to have difficulty getting people to take you seriously. Even other businesses might not think you’re serious enough about your company if you haven’t done something as simple as apply for trademarks.

Trademarks can be sold at a later date.

Once you own trademarks on names, logos, and more, you can then take those trademarks and sell them at a later date if you want to. Depending on how successful your business ultimately is, they could be worth a lot of money one day!

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