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The Importance of Culture in the Latin American Business World

Are you planning on expanding your business into Latin America? It could potentially provide you and your company with lots of benefits as you open yourselves up to a brand new market. However, if you are going to open up a business in Latin America, it’s important for you to keep in mind that the… Read more »

How We Can Help Investigate Foreign Fraud Cases

Many businesspeople and corporate teams travel and do business all around the world for work. It can be very easy for these people to become the victims of corporate fraud in areas outside of the United States, however. A lot of people lack the legal resources while expanding operations to a foreign country, which can… Read more »

Corruption Risks: Companies Are Unprepared in South America

Within the last decade many American companies have expanded into Brazil and other parts of South America; seeking to take full advantage of the growing economy in this part of the world. Brazil has been the forerunner of its South American neighbors when it comes to the fastest growing economy in its region. South America’s… Read more »

All about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is something that all companies have to abide by. But what exactly is it? Overview of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act The act was passed in 1977 by the Senate on May 5th. The act itself makes it unlawful for different individuals or companies to pay off of bribe foreign… Read more »