Navigating Asset Recovery Investigations in Latin America

The international marketplace is brimming with opportunity, but it’s also fraught with danger. All’s well when everything goes as planned, but what would you do if a huge shipment to a Latin American country never arrived at the warehouse? International merchants know that when you do business in other countries, asset loss is a very real possibility.

Asset Recovery Investigations

Your company has its expertise, and asset recovery in a foreign country is most likely not high on your list. When calamity strikes, don’t try to navigate the complicated process involved with trying to find a solution to your problem alone. Turn instead to SMG Consulting Services.

Our experienced and accomplished staff will conduct full asset search and recovery searches in Latin American countries, working to recoup your losses or identify what went wrong that led to your assets being lost. There may be no malfeasance involved in your case, as asset loss can occur in a wide variety of scenarios. Property can be lost during land, sea or air transportation; items could be damaged or destroyed by theft, weather, natural disasters, damage or human error; or shipments can be lost or stolen on their way to port. Whatever the cause, SMG will find the cause of your missing asset and locate the property for you.

A business conflict in an unfamiliar country and language can truly deal your business a devastating blow. Our consultants and country managers are fluent multilinguists and bring decades of experience to every case. Domestic knowledge and experience is crucial to reaching a case’s conclusion, and when your assets are at stake, you don’t want anyone but SMG in your corner.

Your loss is our priority, and once we’ve recovered your assets, our experts will sit down with you and map out a plan to protect you from a similar experience in the future. Our team has worked with countless clients to uncover the truth and work diligently to get your valuable inventory returned to you and prevent losses from occurring again.

We invite you to learn more about our team of experts in any Latin American nation you are doing business in. For more information on risk management, government regulations, asset search and investigations in Latin America, contact SMG Consulting Services today.

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