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Facts and Statistics on Kidnapping in Latin America

Many seasoned travelers know how to stay safe when exploring destinations outside the U.S. Latin America, in particular, is a vast area with many differences in culture and exposure to crime. Being kidnapped is a huge fear for many travelers considering visiting Latin American countries. Is this fear rational or based on myths and outdated… Read more »

The Importance of Computer Forensic Investigations

Computer forensics, a branch of digital forensic science, handles crime evidence legally found on computer hard drives and all digital storage files and software. Its goal is to thoroughly, forensically examine these digital files and content, to uncover and analyze the data for the reporting of facts and educated opinions about the information retrieved. Though… Read more »

Performing Your Background Check

A background check is extremely important when dealing with an employee that you don’t know that much about. Were they involved in any federal crimes? Do they have any cases pending against them? Were they fired from their previous jobs? Where do they come from? Do they actually have the skills that they put on… Read more »

All about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is something that all companies have to abide by. But what exactly is it? Overview of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act The act was passed in 1977 by the Senate on May 5th. The act itself makes it unlawful for different individuals or companies to pay off of bribe foreign… Read more »