The Importance of Computer Forensic Investigations

computer forensics investigationComputer forensics, a branch of digital forensic science, handles crime evidence legally found on computer hard drives and all digital storage files and software. Its goal is to thoroughly, forensically examine these digital files and content, to uncover and analyze the data for the reporting of facts and educated opinions about the information retrieved.

Though most often used in the investigation of computer crimes; computer forensic science can also be utilized in the investigation of civil matters. The process of computer forensics is much like that of data recovery, but with added guidelines and regulations in order to create a legal data trail for auditing. Computer forensics is widely accepted in the U.S., Latin America and throughout Europe, as reliable evidence in the investigation of many high-profile cases.

To be able to thoroughly investigate today’s digital crime; computer forensics is needed to access the type of digitally encrypted and hidden information that is stored in computer hard drives and other types of digital storage. In a world of professional hackers and ingenious hacking techniques, it would be impossible to uncover needed evidence for digital and other types of crimes, without this form of forensic science.

Evidence uncovered through computer forensics is subject to the same legal guidelines as all other criminal evidence. It must be legally obtained to be admissible in court. Each country also has its own set of unique guidelines for use of computer forensic evidence, and this science has been utilized in some major criminal court cases since the mid 1980’s. Examples of such cases are the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader, the case of the Corcoran Group, and in the criminal trial of Dr. Conrad Murray who was accused of negligence in the death of pop superstar, Michael Jackson.

In the digital times we live in today, it would be practically impossible to retrieve the kinds of evidence required to solve many of the cases brought forth to the court system in a digital era. Computer forensics science is an extremely reliable and helpful resource needed to try such cases in court.

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