Performing Your Background Check

A background check is extremely important when dealing with an employee that you don’t know that much about. Were they involved in any federal crimes? Do they have any cases pending against them? Were they fired from their previous jobs? Where do they come from? Do they actually have the skills that they put on their resume?  A background check can clear a lot of this up and make sure your money and time is well spent on a potential employee.  You don’t want to hire a risk.

Private Investigator

There are a few different types of background checks available for you to perform on an individual.  The two main types are a criminal record check and a credit check.

If you don’t know anything about your potential employee, especially one from outside of the U.S, the background check becomes more and more necessary.  The further away an employee lives from your current city the less you really know about their employment history.  This employee could have moved to your city and reinvented him/herself.  In general, if an employee is from out of state, or even international, it becomes more difficult to determine if they are a possible risk for your company.

The criminal record check is probably the more important of the two. SMG Consulting will perform a thorough analysis of an employee’s pending cases, and they specialize in cases outside the U.S. This means finding out about previous incarcerations, and in general, the ways that this employee may have broken the law. However, as an employer, you always want to be in the position to make that decision.  You have every right.

The credit check is second in importance, but, probably more common to uncover problems in.  This type of background check will uncover if the employee has ever filed for bankruptcy, or is in serious debt. These issues can affect your business, especially if this employee is responsible for money in any way. Filing for bankruptcy means they may not be the ideal choice for your investment department.

Also, there are identity checks too. Is this person exactly who they say they are? Identity fraud is a serious problem, and a background check will clear this up.  However, know that there are certain laws in place to protect employees. Make sure you go through a company like SMG Consulting to do a background check properly.

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