What is a Trademark Investigation?

Background Checks

When you own your own business or have invented a product, the smart thing to do is have your logos, jingles, and slogans protected by trademarks.  You business is often your livelihood and if anything should happen to it, you may be in risk of going under and losing a lot of money.  A lot of time, effort and marketing dollars are spent on creating trademarks that will appeal to your customer base.

If for some reason you find a competitor on the market selling a product with a slogan or logo it should be part of your due diligence to have a trademark investigation take place.

What exactly is a trademark investigation though you may ask?

A trademark investigation is a heavily involved process. Generally this will include securing samples of the product, investigating the extent of its use, gathering details on the concept, and finding out the inspiration behind their product.  We will also monitor the internet for violations as well.

The end result of the trademark investigation can lead to a few different outcomes.  If there is an infringement found on the trademarked service you can force the competitor to surrender all stocks as well as provide invoices and names to the locations that are supplying the products for them.

From there the team should make up a plan as to future risks of trademark infringement for your business.  Then you will have an assessment for the future of your product line.

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