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Managed Risk: How Risk Assessment Can Help Your Operation

Running a business can be a very difficult task on its own. All the risk that comes with managing your company is only further amplified when you are attempting to expand to a new market or country. You can visit the country all you want, but until you become very familiar with it, you will… Read more »

How To Keep Your Business Safe From Money Laundering

To launder money means to take money that was made through illegal gains, and pass it through our financial systems to hide its origins. The object of money laundering, is to make ill-gotten funds appear legitimate; thereby making it spendable. Smaller businesses are often used for cash laundering. Employees and executives who work for small… Read more »

Corruption Risks: Companies Are Unprepared in South America

Within the last decade many American companies have expanded into Brazil and other parts of South America; seeking to take full advantage of the growing economy in this part of the world. Brazil has been the forerunner of its South American neighbors when it comes to the fastest growing economy in its region. South America’s… Read more »

What is a Trademark Investigation?

When you own your own business or have invented a product, the smart thing to do is have your logos, jingles, and slogans protected by trademarks.  You business is often your livelihood and if anything should happen to it, you may be in risk of going under and losing a lot of money.  A lot… Read more »

Performing Your Background Check

A background check is extremely important when dealing with an employee that you don’t know that much about. Were they involved in any federal crimes? Do they have any cases pending against them? Were they fired from their previous jobs? Where do they come from? Do they actually have the skills that they put on… Read more »

Due Diligence: What You Should be Investigating

In case you are not familiar with the phrase, due diligence simply means investigating or auditing a potential investment. This is important when you are looking to invest in a business, especially one that is in a foreign country. When taking the chance and investing in a company you want to make sure there are… Read more »